RV Pyside2/Qt plugin/widget

I have been searching for resources about how to implement Qt/PySide2 plugins/addons for RV and I am not turning anything up! Can someone point me to somewhere that I can find some example code or best practices for using the included PySide2 UI framework to develop RV tools?

Some sample code of a proper RV Qt tool would be really great to see.

Many thanks!

The best example I know of is in the RV installations itself. In the [rv installation]/plugins/packages folder are all the plugins that ship with RV. They’re just zip files so you can open up any of them and see what’s inside. pyside_example would probably do the trick for you. Though pyhello is the most basic example of what a plugin looks like.

There’s also this in the user manual: User Manual – Shotgun Support

RV itself is a QT application so once you’ve got a plugin running extending it is like any other QT development.

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