User can see thumbnail but can't see media

Hi there - none of my vendors can play the media they have uploaded on our SG site. They can see the thumbnail but they cannot preview their submissions either through the browser or through RV.

I’m not sure if this is a permissions error? I’ve been looking on our permissions page but can’t seem to figure out which box to check to show playable media. Or at least it’s not obvious to me.

The specific error the vendors are getting when trying to play their submissions back is “No web playable media available”.

How was the media uploaded and was the uploaded media a movie?

Hi Ricardo, the media was uploaded through the Create Delivery GPL tool and the media is a movie


Sounds like a permissions issue or an issue with the media (if you are also not able to play them).
Would send a ticket to gpl about it :slight_smile:

It’s definitely a permissions issue… I just don’t know which permission.
Ticket sent last week…