Playable Media available during Trial Period?

We’re on a trial period, and having trouble viewing playable video.

The files have been uploaded (DNxHD 36 media), and immediately after uploading there’s a pending-thumbnail placeholder that stays with the Version for a while. A minute later it disappears as if it was never uploaded, and playable media is nowhere to be found.

Trying to trouble-shoot. If it’s just because we’re in a trial period, no big deal. Either that or we’re doing something else wrong. Is there somewhere in SG that indicates upload errors?

Hello @Cmq ,

The trial period should have no effect on the transcoder. Have you tried a format other than DNxHD 36 for a test?

Here is a list of the supported formats for reference:

If another format works, please let us know, thank you!

Thanks Rob. No luck with other formats.

It looks like there are a couple of issues, actually.

The fail-to-upload seems specific to uploading using the REST API. I’ve had this working in the past (different project) using the same code, so it’s likely to work again after a figuring out what’s different this time. A record entry gets created in the SG Files table, but clicking on the links there to a page with the following:

<Message>The specified key does not exist.</Message>

Over in SG’s “Media” page all these files are there but, likewise, not playable.

Meanwhile manual uploads to the same Files table in SG do successfully save to the server, and are subsequently downloadable, but do not transcode to playable media. A thumbnail does get generated.
Tested the following formats: DNxHD36 in QuickTime wrapper, h264 in QuickTme, h264 in mp4

Just so you get the support you need, make sure to create a support ticket so someone from the support team can look into your specific issue.