Brief transcoding server outage this morning?

The thumbnails we uploaded between roughly 8:06am-8:08am PDT this morning have gone un-transcoded. We uploaded via the Python API (upload_thumbnail()) and received no errors, but these Versions remain with “transient” thumbnails. Uploads since have been fine.

Nothing posted on and nothing here about it. Also no errors listed on the new Site Activity Monitor. Actually, filtering for these instances shows no record of any transcoding at all.

This is the second time in a couple of weeks we’ve run into this. Since these are updated by our automated ingest tools and we have hundreds of deliveries being processed every day, it’s not as simple as just manually re-uploading the thumbnail.

Anybody else have issues in that (admittedly small) window?


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Hi @kporangehat,

We are aware of this situation, and we are working on improving the resilience of the transcoding service when such outages happen.

Thanks for the reporting.

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Thanks Kerby,

Support took care of re-transcoding the missed images promptly and we were back in business shortly after I reported this.

Looking forward to continued updates on this front!

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