Transcoding stuck

Looks like we’ve got some versions cloggin’ up the transcoding transcoder doing it’s trandscodamation. :wink: Anyone have any idea on how to unclog this? We’ve pulled versions and put more up for testing, but nothing’s working at the moment and it’s halting movement.


There is an ongoing incident at AWS (where Cloud services like ShotGrid and many of the interwebs run on) which seems to have created issues for the Transcoding service.

Follow this page for updates (subscribe to the status emails, it’s very helpfull!)


Thanks, Ricardo! Extremely helpful!

1 Like indicates transcoding is operational, but I see no change on our Shotgrid site. Is there a huge backlog to work through? Thanks!


Incident was resolved 10 minutes ago so there is likely a big backlog.

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None of our versions uploaded since the outage have transcoded. AutoDesk is having a lot of issues today, I was not even able to create a new support case on their site due to errors.

Not sure but maybe their support site also runs on AWS, or at least te DB.
Today wasn’t really their fault, if your main cloud provider goes down or has issues then thats shit.

Netflix/Disney+ etc where also hit by this fallout :confused:

If your versions dont start transcoding soon, maybe try manually uploading a file to a exisiting (or new) record to see if that triggers it.

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All of our Transcoding has now caught up. Was just after 5 pm when it happened for us.

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