Url to open overlay player?

Is there a way to get a url that opens the overlay player for a version directly when clicked?


Hi Frank!

There’s actually a way to do this, but you run into a bug when you do. If you use this style of URL you can open up a Version directly in the Overlay Player in the Media app:


Replace your Version ID and you’re off to the races.

However after navigating to that URL, whenever you open the Media app in the future you run into the bug where it’ll always load up that Version :-/.


Thanks Brandon,

sounds like I’d better stay away from it for now then.
It’d be really nice to have a button in Shotgun that would copy an overlay player url, so I guess that’s a feature request alongside a bug fix?!


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When using the Overlay Player within the media app, click the gear icon > Copy Internal Version Link:


*This is, however, subject to the same aforementioned bug we’ll need to fix first.

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Hmmm, the plot thickens.
Why is this option only available when using the media app? This is another part where Shotgun is quite inconsistent which is super confusing for me let alone people that are new to it.
I will try and use the media app more, but until that bug is fixed I guess there is little point in using the url, as it will create further confusion.