Page reloaded when closing the Overlay

Hi everyone,

It seems that since the 8.70 update, we’re experiencing an issue with the Shotgun website.

Everytime we’re closing the overlay, the page where we first open the overlay is reloaded. It get really difficult to review our Shots directly on Shotgun.

It get even worse when you’re browsing multiple page of entity, when you close the overlay, the page reload and as such, you go back to the first page !

Does anybody experience the same problem ?



Technically I guess this is happening when I close the overlay player, but it’s not really an unexpected behavior for me, since when I’m in the OP I’m usually commenting, starting a new note, changing status, etc. Which means in my case I’d expect the page I’m working from to reload, so I’ve never considered it an issue.

How are you navigating to the shots you’re reviewing, @Romain? Sounds like you’re playing something from a long list of entities if you’ve got multiple pages reloading when you close out of the OP.

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Hi @Romain and @jlweiss,

This is a bug that crept into the last release, and we’re working on fixing this up ASAP. Sorry about that! The expected behavior is that your selection should still be valid when you close the overlay player.


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Hi @shaynad,

Happy to hear about that, we’ll wait for the next patch then.

Thanks you!


@Romain, this should be fixed up now with the patch that went out this morning.

Thanks a lot,
that was really quick !