That persistant video that always opens over the Media page

I’ve experienced this in multiple versions of Shotgun at different studios, just wondering if there’s a way of overcoming it. Someone will share a link to a video from the media page via an external method (i.e. Slack), you’ll click the link, video will play in Shotgun. But every time you return to the media page on Shotgun via media button it will play this shared video. Meaning you to have to shut down the video before you can get to the media page.

The only I can find to get rid of the video bug is by opening another shared link, but all this does is replace it with a different video. I know everyone at my current studio has experience with this bug, and I remember it at old studios too.

I’ve only used Shotgun with Linux, but have had this problem with Firefox and Chrome.



Hey @martyn—welcome to the forum!

The Media App shouldn’t be doing that, but I reproduced the issue on my side too. Appears to be related to a local setting being errantly preserved thereby leading to the persistent redirect.

I’ve ticketed up the issue and flagged it to the internal team tasks with this area of SG.

In the meantime, there is a workaround…but it’s a bit heavy handed: clear cache+cookies for your SG site in your browser.


That’s wonderful, thank you Johnny. I’ll use the temp fix in the meantime and await, hopeful, for a permanent fix in the future.


Yes, super annoying. Been in touch with support about this as well! Don’t want to be clearing caches/cookies all the time.



I :heart: your post because I agree, but I don’t really love that it’s so annoying. If you have any others that can come comment here or :heart: the thread, point them this way as it’ll give more momentum behind getting the fix prioritized.