Shotgun Create player not showing any media

Hi everyone,
I’m a new user to Shotgun. I have the following problem with the Shotgun Create app:

When I open any playlist, only the thumbnails show up. When I click any image or video, the media area is just black, empty.
I tried changing preferences to load media from streaming and local, it doesn’t make a difference.

Running Shotgun Create build 2020.08.015
My OS is Linux: Centos 7.8.2003

If I open Shotgun through Firefox, it all works well.

Thanks in advance! Cheers

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Hi @Antonio_Linhares,

Wr are sorry that Create doesn’t behave well on your computer. Can you send your logs to so we can troubleshoot this one?

The logs are located in ~/.local/share/Autodesk/Shotgun\ Create/ShotgunCreate.log*



Thanks for the reply, @geffrak!
I sent my logs through email.

One additional info is that the project media are opening well in the RV app. Just not in Create.


Hi @Antonio_Linhares,

I reproduced the problem on my CentOS. I’ll create an issue in our database for it. If you have the same behavior than me, the player should work when outside of the playlist view. Can you confirm me that entering a task from My Tasks or My Reviews does work properly ?

Thank you, I’ll keep you posted!!



Hi @geffrak and @lampronf
I got a reply from Kerby from the support.

The cause for the problem was that my Centos lacked OpenGL 3, since I was running it from a virtual machine with very limited GPU. I’ll install Centos in the actual hd and believe that will fix the issue.

Thanks so much for all the help!

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