Overlay Player displaying the wrong Version in the right panel

Hi team,

I’m resorting to the community site as I’m getting nothing back from support these days.

We are seeing issues when launching the overlay player with the Version info panel on the right. From a Playlist, we click on the first Version thumbnail to launch the player, and then when we navigate to the next version in the playlist, the right side panel doesn’t properly display the next version’s info. It look like it’s refreshing, but then when the “refresh” completes the info displayed on the side panel is all the same info from the previous version.

This is messing up our reviews right now with draw-overs getting attached to the wrong Versions.

Anyone else seeing this as well?


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I’ve just tried to reproduce your issue but I can’t say I can see the same thing.

I tried:

  • Load Overlay player
  • Click on Versions
  • Load other version
  • Switch to Notes tab (see the correct notes and images displayed)
  • Switch version again
  • Switch to Notes tab, again correct notes and images

What browser are you using?
Could it be some kind of browser extension mucking things up?

Not a browser issue. It’s the same in Safari, Chrome, FF. It does seem specific to one Project though. Same issue with multiple Playlists created today in the same show.

No errors in the JS console either. Weirdness. :thinking:

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Do you by any chance have luck with deselecting the following?