Universities offering Shotgun-focused degree programs

I’ve spoken to a few universities who have, or are in the process of launching, undergrad- and graduate-level courses that involve Shotgun. Would love to see some of those folks share details about their programs here!


Hi Tommy
My name is Sultan Efe. I am a senior lecturer in animation and visual effects at University of Lincoln, UK. We have been using Shotgun on and off in the past 3 years. We aim to integrate it more into our course as, at this state, we only use it for 3D modeling and visual effects subject.


Hi Sultan, thanks for posting! Great to hear from you. Please DM me if there’s anything we can do to help as you further integrate Shotgun into your courses. Sounds great!


Thanks for the prompt reply. How do I do that? I do have an urgent question if you don’t mind answering.

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Hey Sultan,

I’m guessing Tommy’s offline at this point in the day, but feel free to post your question here or in a new topic in the Shotgun category – and you can always send support questions to support@shotgunsoftware.com :slight_smile:


Thanks Tony. I am using using Shotgun mainly for reviewing student work and giving them weekly feedback. There are some students who wish their feedback not to be seen by other artists/students. How can I get students to submit their versions so that they are not seen by other artists/students?


Hi Sultan!

Thanks for your question! The only way right now to completely hide all Versions/communication about those Versions from each student would be if each Student were assigned to their own Project, and that student permission group had the “See Assigned Projects Only” advanced permission enabled. They could then submit media to that Project, and only they, and you, would be able to see it and the Notes associated with it. This could quickly become a nightmare to manage depending on the size of your classes, however.

Alternatively, now might be a good learning opportunity for the students! They aren’t going to get private feedback in a dailies room full of people reviewing their work at a studio. What better place to get accustomed to that amongst their peers in the class? :wink:


Hi Tommy,

I’m the Head of Animation & Games at JMC Academy in Sydney, Australia. We have been using Shotgun across our three national campuses for several years now, mostly for animation projects.

We don’t have the wherewithal to really integrate it tightly with software, we mostly use the scheduling, tasks, and assets setups to plan and track production. Students find it pretty challenging at first but some of them really start to enjoy it, and several have gone on to producer-related jobs in VFX and animation as a result.



Thanks for letting us know, that’s awesome. While I know there’s a bit of a learning curve (I ran headlong into it myself three years ago), I’m glad to hear that some of your students are getting a lot out of it. Thanks for sharing!


Fantastic Sean, thanks for posting! Hard to beat that in terms of results. :slight_smile:


Hey Tommy,

I’ve started working with an animation school in Arles, France (MoPA), as their Production/CG Supervisor for student projects. They have previously only taken tentative steps with using Shotgun (as you’ve indicated in other threads…it’s a bit daunting to just pick up and go with it). I used it only a bit in my previous world of VFX work, so I’ve done a bunch of self-training with your great YouTube channel and reading through the extensive online support pages.

Anyway, so far I am mainly trying to streamline the workflow and document just the basics so that nobody is overwhelmed (myself included!) and every group project can get their work and schedule up and running easily. We are hoping that most of the instructors will also use it for providing feedback remotely when they are not on campus. Later, I plan to work on EDL import and app integration…baby steps!

Overall the students are excited to learn and use it to help keep track of their work, so that’s a good sign!

Cheers, Chad


Hi @Chad :wave: ! Welcome. Really cool stuff you are doing these days.


Hey Shayna, thanks! I could say the same for you…your videos have been a big help!


We are setting up a SG server, previously only lightly used, to support a 130+ cohort of seniors working on 10+ projects. Our initial use case is limited in scope (asset review and timesheets) but we hope to use SG for more going forward.

I coordinate senior project for Drexel University’s Digital Media department (I run the game Design & Production program under that department). Projects span from animation & vfx, game development, VR/XR projects, and web/mobile/experimental projects.

I am trying to figure out the best starting point for permissions for my goals and I just posted a new topic in EDU about this. Thanks for having a community to support academic use for your product!


Hi, we have long established game and animated film projects courses for all four years of our undergrad degree programs but are just getting our feet wet with Shotgun. I would like to get up to speed as quickly as possible and train a small team of faculty and students who wish to put it into practice on a Senior project. Any advice for a strong starting point would be most welcome.


Hi @MattB, welcome to the forums! I’d recommend starting with our video series. Here’s a rundown of what we have. These are all bite-size and very approachable, and should give you a good overview of best practices around getting up and running and how studios typically use :shotgun:.

If you have any further questions, please post here and we’ll do our best to answer. Best of luck getting :shotgun: integrated into your curriculum!




I saw your post on using ShotGrid (previously shotgun) in MOPA. I work in a 3rd level college in ireland and want to use the software. What is your experience so far with te software in MOPA ?

Michael McMahon
Waterford, Ireland


I’m trying to find out any info about setting up ShotGrid for Faculty and Students. So far it’s like looking for a needle in a haystack. Any ideas on how best to set it up. My main question is, I guess, Is the software available free to university staff/students. The documentation is pretty vague on this.