Shotgun Project Setups for Educational Programs and courses

Hi all. First time here in this forum. We’re using shotgun in our vfx and 3d programs in different way. I run a 2 yr diploma at Capilano U in Vancouver BC and am faculty in our 3D program in our school of motion picture arts. Been at this for about 25 years now.

I wanted to get a sense of how universities or programs are using SG in education specifically.
We’ve kind of hacked it for edu and are interested to know if others are experimenting with this as well.
I’ll explain our setup.

Our VFX program has 10 courses per semester over 2 years, for a total of 40 courses.
We setup a project that represents the program, and sequences that each represent one of the 40 courses offered over the 2 year diploma.
We have set up our shots as specific assignments, with tasks and assets as key deliverables as outlined in our syllabi.
We give the students manager access, and they track their progress through assignments using the gantt charts, and milestone checks, and gives them real agency over the flow and reflection of their learning experience. It’s also given our faculty a way of checking their feedback to other students against their peers. Student have a way of misconstruing information from instructors and this really helps in that regard.

I was interested in hearing how other people are using Shotgun in Edu, and if there were any resources, or additional example projects, layouts being used in edu that are available.

Going forward, Shotgun should put some emphasis into their drawing and annotating integration. We have a syncsketch integration using shotgun’s playlists, as our animation instructors prefer the tools in syncsketch over SG, and the ghosting option over there doesn’t exist in SG. Better tablet integration is really needed as well. I don’t always want to be at my desk reviewing, and the ipad app, unless it’s been update is non functional.
Finally, sketchfab integration, or GLTF would be awesome as so much of our asset work is 3d in nature, and being able to do 3d spatial embedded notation, and drawing, possibly even enabling VR would be really cool.

Anyways, nice to jump into this community and hope to chat with some of you soon.


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Hi Adam @asale ,

Welcome to the forum, you are one of the big family now.

Yay, I would say you are using Shotgun pretty much the right way managing your course.

And as for integration with tablets, it’s not good with Shotgun web app, mostly due to the browser limitation. I would suggest to try out Shotgun Create and RV, which have better tablet integration experience. The ghosting feature you mentioned is available while you annotate in Shotgun Create.

And if you look at the App dropdown menu, you will see Shotgun 3D Review there. Not sure if it’s ready for end users, but definitely they are working on it.

Again, welcome to the community and have fun Shotgunning!

Hi Ben. Thanks for the welcome. We have SG review on the iPad pro, and to be honest it’s really lacking in features. It’s limited to a thick red pen that doesn’t have any nuance, and often doesn’t even draw continuous lines.

The Apple store has no SG create or RV.

The play store seems to have an unofficial app called gun rack, but nothing official from AD.

Are you deploying for Android from the website and bypassing the app play store?

Yeah, that ghosting would be super helpful. I’ll dig around!

Thanks Ben.


Oh yeah, to add… The 3d review might not be ready for end users as it doesn’t show in the app dropdown. :blush:

@asale This sounds amazing. I’m interested in integrating shotgun into my class next semester and would be interested to check out the project you use with students for tracking courses and assignments. Would it be be possible to share your template? My department does not currently use it in the curriculum, but students are interested in learning it. Any advice for getting started would be much appreciated.