Shotgun is free for schools!

Did you know that Shotgun is free for accredited educational institutions? Email for more info about getting Shotgun setup at your school.

And while you are at it, drop a reply to this to thread to introduce yourself and your program! We’d love to get to know you.


Hello Tommy,
Is Shotgun still available academically? Are there any specific requirements or limitations for university licenses?

Thank you,

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Hi @glyons

Thanks for posting this, yep this does indeed still apply. If you drop an email to they’ll be happy to help you out. In terms of requirements, that EDU folks can provide full details but I believe its mainly providing proof that it is an EDU institute.

If you have any further questions don’t hesitate to give us a shout.



Do you guys offer any discounts or pricing models for devs? In my case is love to have Shotgun just for developmental reasons. To practice and test writing tools and scripts for shotgun. It would be shotgun just for my personal use and only user. We use shotgun at ubisoft and id like to get better at writing tools for it in my free time. Then I could better help at work when we need shotgun scripts.


Hi @andrew.lawrence

Is the email address still working after Shotgun change to ShotGrid ?