Unexpected SG Fault errors

Hi community,

Occassionaly, our colleagues coming across the below error while using our client script (using sg python-api) to connect to the Shotgrid despite the “Acess token is still valid and not expired”. Retrying after a while works for us!

shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: Uncaught exception! { “developerMessage”:“Access token provided is invalid or expired.”, “moreInfo”: "https://forge.autodesk.com/en/docs/oauth/v2/developers_guide/error_handling/", “errorCode”: “AUTH-006”}

The other error is shotgun_api3.shotgun.Fault: Uncaught exception! {“developerMessage”:“Quota limit exceeded.”}. What is this error? do we have a specific limit to read and write data on Shotgrid instance.?


I would imagine there is an API rate limit however I don’t know what it is, I’ve never hit it.
You may want to contact Autodesk support to find out.

You can also try finding out what may be causing you to hit the api limit by using the Site Activity Monitor: https://site-activity-monitor.shotgrid.autodesk.com/ (in the Apps menu if yiou are an admin).