Error during authentication

Dear all,

I implemented simple script to get access token from the rest-api. However, I got error message as example below. I have already ensured that all credentials values are corrected. Is there any reason which cause this error?

{'errors': [{'id': 'f543dab86c70edadb962aa5cd3389923', 'status': 400, 'code': 102, 'title': "Can't authenticate user 'UserName@domain'.", 'source': {}, 'detail': None, 'meta': None}]}

Note that the situation is our client provides shotgrid url/ username/ password to access as vendor role. That I tries to create passphrase and personal access token, but get this error.

Hi @nathanhunt

I assume that you are correctly used the correct grant type of grant_type=password
But did you use the legacy username and passphrase for the username and password fields or did you use your Autodesk Identity credentials (e.g. email and password) ?

The Rest API cannot accept the Autodesk Identity credentials. You must use the user’s legacy username and passphrase and setup a Personal Access Token on that ShotGrid account.

Also, ensure that the permission group set for that user is allowed to use the API. I suspect that the problem may be here.

Hoping this helps,


Thank you @patrick-hubert-adsk

I think it should be about permission group because I use the Autodesk credential with PAT correctly. Could you suggest me which permission option I should check to allow api call?

Hi @nathanhunt

Not sure how old your ShotGrid site is, but if it is an old one, it may have this setting in the user permissions:

If it is disabled for the role you are using, then you may try to enable it. But if it is disabled, there is likely a reason for that. So you might need to talk to your ShotGrid admin.