Fail to authenticate with username/password in Python Shotgun API


I am working on 30 Days Trial site to evaluate that I can work with the Python API or not. I can authenticate with script key. However, when I use simple username (email) and password, I always get Can’t authenticate user.

I am not sure that did I set something wrong. Below is the command I used.

 sg = sgApi.Shotgun('my-trial-site-url', login='my-email', password='my-password')

Hi @nathanhunt

You do not give the output or mention the error message that you are getting…

Have you configured your Personal Access Token and set your legacy passphrase ?

The credentials you need to use for API-based authentication are NOT your Autodesk Identity username and password. Autodesk Identity authentication can only happen in a web browser.

You will need to use your ShotGrid login and passphrase.

Relevant info: Help

Hoping this helps,


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