User authentication via python api not working

I’m trying to make an internal web app that will let a user log in to our custom site using their ShotGrid credentials. Are their recommendations on how to do this? thanks! I have tried to do this task with the Python API but it’s not successful, such as with: authenticate_human_user
Or is there some other way to do this programmatically?

(note: obviously, these are not actually my server and login info, this is just an example taken from the docs)

sg = shotgun_api3.Shotgun(“”,

However, after that, it doesn’t successfully authenticate me and gives a vague message : raise AuthenticationFault(sg_response.get(“message”, “Unknown Authentication Error”))
I have tried multiple times, to the point where it says my account is locked, when i use the api via user-authnetication (I can use script-based). I can still log in via the shotgrid website.

I notice when I log into ShotGrid I see this page:
Legacy Login and Personal Access Token.

It says “To access the ShotGrid API and legacy products that do not support Autodesk Account, both legacy login passphrase and personal access token are required to be set up.”

I can create an access token. Alas, I see ‘Passphrase is missing’ next to Passphrase at the top. There is a blue create button that will allow me to try to create a passphrase, but no matter how many times I create the passphrase and hit save (i even get a pop-up that that passphrase was created), I still see that ‘passphrase is missing’ Of course, maybe this missing passphrase is not even the issue anyways…

Just FYI, when I log in to my shotgrid site, I do see this: This ShotGrid Site uses Autodesk Identity. Sign in to enter your credentials.

Hi @kevin_ws

API authentication will not work if a passphrase is not set. The fact that you cannot set it seems like a bug.

Please open a support case for this, as we need more information to investigate your issue.


ok thanks! i opened a support case via the autodesk site