Unable to playback videos using UE5's chromium browser but YouTube videos work


Trying to embed Shotgrid as a panel inside Unreal Engine however when playing back video clips on shotgrid, we’re getting this error message. Is the HTML5 video player using some other underlying mechanism that doesn’t allow it to play in other chromium browsers?

Please advise

Sg playable media is mp4/h264 so maybe the browser doesn’t have those libraries included?

Hi Ricardo,

This was my hunch at first, however we then tried running YouTube videos via the browser, they worked.

I’m suspecting that the Shotgrid player is detecting an unknown user agent and blocking playback from the chromium that is packed with Unreal Engine. This is purely happening on the frontend player. When blocked the progress bar is still running through all the frames.

Youtube videos play in html5 as far as I know, which I don’t think is the same as mpeg4.

HTML5 is the mechanism to load the video player and video while h264/mp4 refers to the video encoding, so they’re mutually exclusive things in this context I think.

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