Is ShotGrid on YouTube?

Is Shotgun on, and are there tutorials I can view?


As a matter of fact @shaynad, it is! Check out all of our Playlists here:

You can subscribe and get notified when there are new publishes.


I went to YouTube when I started getting this error message (which I got today, too!):

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Hi @ShellHawk,

Sorry for the error message there, and for the delayed response. It looks like you may be playing back those embedded videos from, but not directly from our youtube channel: ShotGrid Software - YouTube

Is that right? If so, are you still experiencing these errors?

I just tested them out, and they played back smoothly (as of today). There could have been some website maintenance during the time you tried to play them back a couple weeks ago—sorry about that! I’d recommend a hard refresh on the page if you experience that again. Otherwise, give us a shout if that doesn’t do the trick and we’ll dive in.


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Thanks for the reply!
I was playing them from the Shotgun site, then got the error - which has now cleared up!
No problem viewing now. Have a great day!

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@ShellHawk, oh good! Glad to hear they cleared up. Do let me know if you come across them again, and we’ll jump on it :slight_smile:

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