Shotgrid Developer Discord Channels?

I was watching the old Shotgrid Developer Training video series and they referred to two Discord channels dedicated to Shotgrid. I can’t seem to find them through Discord.
Do they still exist?
If they don’t, did others crop up to take their place?
I need to get up to speed on developing for Shotgrid asap, and that kind of interactive communication would amazing.


I’m not aware of any, did they mention the names or links?

They did, but when I looked for them it said they couldn’t be found. I suspect they’ve been shut down, but I thought I’d ask just in case. I think the most relevant one was

Hello there !

Reviving an old topic but I agree with this, could we know if there’s any official or unofficial discord server for Shotgrid devs ?

Thanks a bunch!

Not that I know off.