Tracking Bids in Costs and Not Time

Hello, there.
I’m currently on a VFX team for a post production team on a limited series (client-side). I’d like to create a page for my VFX Producer that he can use to track various costs per shot based on the bids we’re receiving from multiple vendors on the same shots/ work. Unfortunately, the “Bid” column only calculates in “days” and not $ costs. Is there a way to be able to create this page in which he can toggle between vendor costs based on the episode or type of work? He inherited an Airtable and he’d like to switch fully to SG. Any help helps! Thank you in advance.

Hi Rene,

I’ve done this for my Producer’s on a couple of shows now. You can create your own fields, so whilst shot grid isn’t great at storing multiple currencies you can create these field and track costs that way. What I’ve done is create a new permission group as we have our vendors on SG so only myself and the producer can see the finances and then against the shots I track vendors shot costs, gross, nets in native currency and a custom calculation field based on our show conversion to our master currency. This master currency I then keep across all shots and from there you can make a table in the overview based on episodes and query fields that master gross shot cost $. (And assets too). Shout if you have any questions!