From the client side: multiple vendor bids, visually comparing

Trying to find the best way to visualize multiple vendor bids on a shot or an asset. Say that you have an example shot, AAA0010, that was bid by 3 vendors: Vendor A, for $1,000; Vendor B, for $1,200; and Vendor C, for $800. The way I’m currently doing this is - I’ve added a pipeline step for Shot Bidding. I’ve added 3 tasks for shot AAA0010 in the Shot Bidding pipeline step, assigned each one to an individual vendor, and populated the custom field Bid Amount, that I created on tasks, with the amount that each vendor bid.

What I’m trying to solve is a visualization problem. This shows up as a pipeline step does on the shots page, with 3 distinct records for shot AAA0010 organized horizontally. This becomes a nightmare when you try and export this data to a CSV, so you can work with it in Excel. I can also look at a Tasks page where I group by Shot or Asset, but the group heading does not allow me to add specific metadata about the shot or asset other than the name.

What I want to do is organize this vertically in the shots list page. I’d like to see a column for Vendor A bid, Vendor B bid, etc. Unfortunately, the only way I can figure how to do this is to add Query fields where I hard code the vendor name, either that or add blank currency fields that are populated with a Python script. Query fields are real-time, but they are often super slow, especially with large data sets. Also, hard-coding Query fields with vendor names strikes me as being really hokey.

Anyone come up with a clever way to do this?