The same shot with several bids

Hello everyone,
I would like to know how you do what I am going to explain.
I have a shot with a certain bid (which is in the “comp” task) and description (for example, screen chroma key) of what is to be done.
In a later revision client sees that a reflection has to be deleted. This new bid, I add it to the previous bid but I would like to put it separately, how do you differentiate this to have the bids separately?
Thank you very much and best regards


this can be tracked in multiple ways but to hook onto your current workflow I would simply add a new task called “remove reflection”, add the bid info for that task and so on and so on… :slight_smile:

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this but I would like to add that it really depends on the scope of the task. I always try to think of the bid being the full scope of what we are expecting to do so if the “remove reflection” note is not in your scope, add a new task.

The real pro here is that if you tag or name your new tasks consistently you can get great data for the postmortem, like how much of your budget went to internal workflow/pipeline kickabacks or even realtime info like how much you have spent on client notes that were out of scope.

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Also dividing things up by pipeline step correctly helps getting the right kind of info on your bids/overages.