How to add vendors to VFX Vendor column


On the last few projects I’ve been on, when I wanted to add vendors to ‘VFX Vendor’ field, whether on a shot page or in a column, I’ve just had to start writing the name and it appears as an option.

On the current project I’m on, this does not occur. Nothing appears. How do I change this so the vendor’s name appears as a link?

Thank you.

The field you write it in would need to be a Multi-Entity field which displays Vendor Users (I imagine this is a group of users, so it would have to display “Groups”).

On Assets and Shots there exists by default a “Vendor groups” field which is hidden but can be activated from the Fields menu.
That does exactly what you describe, if such group does not exist it will ask to create one.

(I have moved this topic to “ShotGrid” because it’s related to the site and not the Create app)

Thank you Ricardo. When I do this, can I add more than one vendor to the VFX Vendor column? Currently, I can add only one at a time. We have a lot of shared shots that I need to track.

The field should be a multi entity so you able to add more to the same field.
Are you not able to do so?

Thank you Ricardo, this worked!

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