New Person/Group Multi-Entity Fields

Is there any way to create a new multi-entity field that will accept a Person or a Group (and possibly Client User too), the way Assignee and Reviewer work? If it’s not possible directly, how would I go about requesting this from ShotGrid support?

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What is preventing you from making a new field of Type Multi-Entity restricted to entity types Person and Group? This seems entirely possible in the Manage Fields UI.


When creating the field, Multi-Entity is a radio button, only one entity can be selected. Single Entity is a checkbox where more than one entity can be selected, but I need Mutli-Entity.

Ah sorry, didn’t see how the config for Assigned To was special.

Ya those are special fields. If you want something like this you can create a ticket with Autodesk under the Shotgrid section and see if they can help you do this. Sometimes depending on your support level they can do custom things on a specific site.

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It appears it is not an option for ShotGrid Support to make an update like that anymore, according to their response to my request.

Since you can have groups of varying sizes, maybe you can cheat this by setting the multi-entity field to “Groups” and then sometimes the group only contains one person? This might be overly tedious for whatever you’re trying to do, and might cause more confusion than it resolves, but it would work.

Thanks @jlweiss , I thought of that. What I ended up doing is to create a second field. So I have a Person field and a Group field, so during setup the manager can fill out either/both. And the script that uses that information needs to be updated to check both fields. In our particular situation, dual-fields should be easier for users to manage, rather than requiring the creation of new groups for single users.

Would be easier just to have a single multi-entity field that accepts both entity types, but I guess that’s not possible.

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Please suggest this on the roadmap, the more people suggest the same thing the more likely it comes under the eyes of a product manager.

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