To specify a department head?

I created a new department and even completed the designation of people. By the way, how do I designate a department head among people?

Hey mnkang,

I guess the best way to do it is to create a custom attribute in the department entity :

  • If you have one head by department, you use Entity field Type with “Person” selected
  • If you have multiple head, you use Multi-Entity field Type with “Person” selected



@k_zananas I’m sorry for the late reply. In my case, it corresponds to [one team leader per department]. But I don’t know which button to click on the screen to designate the team leader. Can you help me with an accurate explanation?

Hi, this video shows you how to create custom fields in ShotGrid.

What you are looking for, as described above, is a Entity field if your departments can only have 1 department head, if they could have multiple, you need a Multi-Entity field.

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Thank you Ricardo.

mnkang notices you need a permission to create custom attributes, then follow the steps of the video but with the entity Department.

You can access to the department page here :

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