Tk-shotgun action menu submenu's?

Just to check, there is no way currently to create tk-shotgun apps that create submenu’s in the right click menu right?

I would like to create an app that will have quite a few commands and would love to submenu those so I don’t end up with a massive list of commands in my right click.


No unfortunately there isn’t. A good suggestion for our roadmap though.


I had already sent it to the roadmap just before I posted this :eyes:

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Come to think of it, where can I find the code to the pipeline configuration “clone” menu?
Because that pop’s up a little GUI, is that something we can use?

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That code is part of the Shotgun javascript code itself so it can’t be modified, unfortunately.

It’s not something I’ve ever played around with my self, but if you create a Shotgun Action menu item via the Shotgun AMI interface rather than through the Toolkit actions, then you can create modal dialogs in the page.

Though I appreciate that is a bit more work since you have to set up an AMI outside of Toolkit.

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You could try modifying and register_command() your own custom callbacks to the in tk-shotgun-launchpublish if you’re using a custom project configuration.

You’ll need to have Shotgun Desktop running. Also, to refresh the menus:

  1. Modify the env/include/settings/tk-shotgun-launchpublish.yml. Just add a extra line or something and save to change the file modification time
  2. Reload Shotgun website, right click. This first time should trigger a fresh re-caching of menu actions
  3. Reload Shotgun website again, right click. Now your menu action should show up