Setting up toolkit submenus

Hi all!

Looking for a way to make submenus inside the Toolkit context menu, similar to how if there are multiple versions of a software then hovering can open a submenu of all versions. We have a hefty list of almost entirely custom apps and I’d like to organize them a bit to make them less cumbersome.

Are there any resources on this?


Hi @jess.south, maybe this is something that could help.


Hi all!

I believe @jess.south is referring to the right-click menus on entities in Shotgun (can you confirm, Jess?).

@mharris, the post that you linked to is a good one for grouping launchers in Desktop. tk-desktop supports a groups setting, as we can see in its manifest here. The settings for tk-shotgun are a lot simpler, and don’t include a groups setting (here’s its manifest).

So, no I don’t believe we support any sort of grouping in the tk-shotgun engine. It’s a good feature request, though – I’d encourage you to submit it on our roadmap page.