Toolkit engine options


In the documentation I am having problems getting these two options to work:

I can get the group method to work fine, which is directly above this section in the docs. But, I cannot get the permissions group and platforms to obey the deny settings. I am in the “Class A - Admin” for our site. When I put {"deny_permissions": ["Class A - Admin"]} or {"deny_platforms": ["mac"]} in my engine.register_command() arg list it still shows up in my Toolkit UI.


Hi Mike,
I’d like to make sure that you are using this with the tk-shotgun engine. This is the only engine where you can use those values. The filtering is implemented at the browser integration level and not the engine level.


Hi @jfboismenu,

I am using this as part of the init_app method of my

This is where I used the properties={"type": "context_menu"} and that worked. All of these options are listed in the docs under the register_command().


@mharris , did you ever figure out how to restrict an app for certain permission groups?