Add Menu Options to Shotgun Tk-Unreal

Hey, does anyone have experience with tk-unreal and knows how to add some menu items to the Shutgun button that is in the top menu bar of Unreal? I’m hoping to implement a dropdown menu where our artists can execute python scripts from.

I’ve looked around the tk-unreal directories and it seems like menu items are loaded from somewhere. maybe a yml file? I’m having a hard time following the trace so if anyone could point me to where the menu options are stored, so I could add my own that would be lovely.

Thanks for the help!


Hi @seankyer,

Welcome to the community!

The menu options available in toolkit are all app’s essentially, so you would need to add a custom app to your config, check out this doc here;

You will need to know more about modifying a toolkit config, but the doc should link you to the articles you need.

Eventually you will need to modify your tk-unreal.yml to include this app in your menu in every context that you are using.


Thanks David, this got me pretty far.

I was wondering more about the tk-unreal.yml file you mentioned. Where should this be located? Doing a search I cannot seem to find an instance of it in my dev. Should I be creating one inside of ue4plugins for example?


Hi @seankyer,

I linked it directly from the tk-config-unreal on github;

Which is the custom config that unreal curates to include their engine.

They have a link to the setup docs they have in the readme section of the config;

That should cover the Unreal setup required with SG.