How do I add Unreal integration to an existing Toolkit config?

The instructions on Unreal’s website for setting up the Shotgun integration are for downloading a full config that includes Unreal. But in a lot of cases, people just want to add the Unreal integration to an existing config, rather than having to pull down Unreal’s config in its entirety. Here’s how you do it:

First, make the following changes in your config:

Once you’ve made the above config changes, run the following command from your pipeline configuration’s root directory:

./tank cache_apps

That should do the trick.

Relevant links:


Hi @tannaz,

I did try the above steps with the latest of everything and it fails with the following error:

ERROR: Include error. Could not resolve references for
Undefined Reference!

I updated config/env/includes/settings/tk-multi-publish2.yml accordingly, issued tank cache_apps which yielded some other errors. Rinse and repeat the process a few times and the extra list of files to update is as follows:

Only then the apps download and are cached correctly.


Hello again!

Ah I see I think our steps above miss out adding the following lines to the tk-multi-publish2.yml:

I’ve updated the original post above to include some additional files you need to check. It’s not just the publish app, but also the loader and panel apps as well.


Ah, thanks guys for catching those missing bits and fixing the post!


The framework configure missing.

Add the following lines to frameworks.yml

# unrealqt - PySide build for Unreal (Windows-only)
    type: github_release
    organization: ue4plugins
    repository: tk-framework-unrealqt
    version: v1.0.0

After the file is modified. Run tank cache_apps to cache all new added apps/engines/frameworks.


Good catch, Loney! Thank you! Added that file to the original post.

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Hi, i done every thing like you write above. But still cannot get “publish” in shotgun menu at the top. Only by clikcing RMB on any of assets. Do anybody have idea what could I done wrong?


Hi @Kemot

Can you reproduce the issue you’re seeing, and send us a copy of tk-unreal.log from the appropriate directory for your operating system ? You can send it in a direct message to me. Hopefully that will give us some insight. If not, I may have you share your configuration with us. Thanks!


Also: some of the hooks in Epic’s configuration are out of date copies.