Adding After Effects to an older config

After Effects is set up by default in our latest default configurations, however, if you have a configuration from before that which you would like to add After Effects too, here are the steps:

Tip 1 : I’d recommend reading through the adding an app guide, which contains some good tips and adding an app is very similar to adding an engine.

Tip 2: Consider using a source control management system like git, to track your changes to your config, so you can roll back if you make a mistake.

Steps for adding After Effects

  1. Add the env/includes/settings/tk-aftereffects.yml to your config, as it contains all the engine settings. This file points out to other settings files that contain After Effect specific settings, So you’ll need to add the following lines to the respective files in env/includes/settings/:

  2. Add the Adobe framework by adding these lines: env/includes/frameworks.yml.

  3. Add the engine location: env/includes/engine_locations.yml

  4. Add the reference to the Adobe engine in your various root level environment yaml files:

    • env/project.yml - engine and include
    • env/asset.yml - Repeat as above
    • env/asset_step.yml - Repeat as above
    • env/shot.yml - Repeat as above
    • env/shot_step.yml - Repeat as above
  5. If you have a centralized config run ./tank cache_apps (on Windows: tank.bat cache_apps) from within a command-line inside the root of your config.

  6. Add an After Effects Software entity to your site:

And that should allow you to start using After Effects.
Please post below if you think I’ve missed anything out, or if it isn’t working for you.


Hello Philip, thanks a lot for the simple explanation. It was my first engine integration and the official Shotgun guide ( is a bit confusing. Now engine is working and when AE is open the Engine and SG Adobe Panel are launched successfully.
However I have an issue. If I close the Shotgun Adobe Panel and then I go to “Window->Extensions->Shotgun Adobe Panel” to open it again, the panel launch but then it stays “Loading Shotgun Integration…” forever and the Engine is never launched.
Do you have any hint of what may be going on?

Thank you very much in advance :blush:

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Hi @rhdariorh welcome to the forums, and I’m glad you found that useful.

As for the panel not showing after reopening, I seem to be able to reproduce this behavior as well, but I don’t think we have this logged internally as a bug yet. I’ll check with our team.

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It turns out we do have this logged, so I’ve linked the ticket so we can update this thread when it’s fixed, but I don’t know when that will be yet. I’m sorry you ran into this.

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I’ll be waiting for that fix, thank you @philip.scadding !!!