Timeout errors from request access token

Hey ShotGrid,

I’m getting consistent time errors while trying to retrieve and access token using my script id & token. It will work a few times and then I will either have to wait several seconds or the request will timeout entirely.

This morning I was able to make ~4 request before I started getting this error:
Post "https://studio123.shotgunstudio.com/api/v1/auth/access_token\": dial tcp: lookup studio123.shotgunstudio.com: i/o timeout

I’m using httpie which shouldn’t effect anything to my knowledge.

The command I’m running is this:
https -f https://studio123.shotgunstudio.com/api/v1/auth/access_token Content-Type:application/x-www-form-urlencoded Accept:application/json client_id="id123" client_secret="abc123" grant_type="client_credentials"