502 Errors

I’ve been getting a strange number of 502 errors when trying to access the app, the website, and sometimes during the execution of scripts.
Are there any downtime or service issues from shotgrid today?


I’ve also been running into this in my studio’s cloud instance of ShotGrid, so I assume it’s an issue on ShotGrid’s side. A few other users are reporting the same issues.

Our Event Daemon has been getting 502 and 404 errors all morning since about 9am EST. No replies to my urgent support request on the matter :-/.

We started getting these (I think) an hour or two ago.

Support got back to me and this is what they had to say:

It was not related to any upgrades or the API. As I understand it was an issue with cloud infrastructure and a High 5XX Count, which should not be a regular issue.

They also noted it was a “known incident” however there was no mention on the status.shotgunsoftware.com site.

Hope that helps the rest of y’all.


Thanks for the response, I hope this was a one day thing. :crossed_fingers:

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Anecdotally, previously I worked on a team building a service in AWS, and had the very same issue. Indeed it is a “cloud infrastructure” problem, with mismatched timeouts in the load balancer or to s3 or something. Or it may have to do with authentication/expired tokens. Don’t remember all the details.

I hope it gets resolved, but do expect it to pop up once in a while. Would also be nice to see the SG team write up a detailed analysis of the issue.


We have a lot of connection errors too. Particularly yesterday, but we’ve been getting such errors everyday on a regular basis every day for weeks.
The support is looking into it.

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See Burst of 502 Errors

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Just started receiving 404 errors on our site. (time 10:45am EST 20211118)