Connection issues

Hi all,

since a week or two we are experiencing more and more connection issues with the database.
We reached a point where we have these issues several times a day, and I don’t understand where it can come from.
The typicla issues are

  • 502 Bad gateway
  • 504 Gateway Time-Out

To other studios people: do you experience such issues?
To Shotgun people: could you please check everything is ok on your side?

Best Regards,

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We are seeing this maybe once every couple of days or so. Not to the point of being an obstruction, but it is definitely there.
In my experience this is usually Cloudfront or some other cloud service. Also, probably kinda difficult to diagnose/debug.

Thanks for reporting,

The 502 issues has been flagged by our internal monitoring tools and we are actively working on a fix.


That’s great news, we get a 502 reported by the event daemon a few times a week

A fix has been deployed this morning. Our preliminary testing show that 502s errors are down by 95%. The automatic retries in the Shotgun Python API should handle the rest. We are monitoring the errors rate and take further actions if needed.

Thanks for your patience.


We still get these almost daily. Some of them crash our Event Daemon plugins
500 Internal Server Error
502 Bad Gateway
504 Gateway Time-out

We are still seeing Bad gateways. Latest was from Nov 16 2020. Is anyone still seeing these ?

We are still seeing daily errors, mostly 500 Internal Server Error but some 502 Bad Gateway