Burst of 502 Errors

Thanks guys for reporting the issue. We have notice a few burst of 502 errors on last few days and we are investigating. We will post back the result of the investigation in a few days.

There is now a status page incident. See there for updates: http://status.shotgridsoftware.com/incidents/9gtt6l1n0l04?utm_source=slack

We are working hard to get to the bottom of this.


Thanks, David. We’re definitely still experiencing the issue today.

Also are there plans to continue using the status.shotgunsoftware.com site to post service interruptions like this, or will the community forum be used for that sort of communication now?

Are your metrics also showing an increase in 404 errors? We’re seeing those with increasing frequency and it keeps kicking our event daemon scripts offline.

and 504 errors as well…

Thanks David, as stated in another thread, this has been quite a blocker for our users. The issues happen to be at the same time of some of our dailies (around 10-11AM EST). This makes reviews extremely tedious for our supervisors and the artists. The proposed workaround of refreshing the page is unfortunately not viable for dailies. Thank you.

There is now a status page incident. See there for updates: http://status.shotgridsoftware.com/incidents/9gtt6l1n0l04

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The postmortem has been published: ShotGrid Status - Service Degradation - ShotGrid


@david-richer-adsk were there new updates being rolled out this morning? Our daemon has been hitting 404 and 503 “Shotgun is currently down for maintenance or too busy to reply. Please try again later” errors since about 9:38am EST.

Many users here have been experiencing the same issues as well for the past couple days, could this be related to an update that was pushed at the beginning of the week?

Such as running into 504 Gateway timeouts (tagged as “Unknown server error”).
It makes it nearly impossible for them to enter new notes as this error will often pop-up and reset any notes/annotations they entered in that active page.

Looks like there’s a status update now:

Yes, we did started it after investigation based on your replies.