Migration issue. Deadline > Shotgrid

We’ve just migrated out Shotgun to be a Shotgrid Autodesk account.
All users can login and everything seems to be working correctly via the web UI, but our Deadline > Shotgrid integration fails.

We just get the following error:
Connecting to Shotgun as 'USERNAMEHERE’… UNEXPECTED ERROR:
<class ‘shotgun_api3.shotgun.AuthenticationFault’>
Can’t authenticate session token ending with ‘c5e7’

Any help would be great

What version of deadline? You might need a more recent one with a more up to date shotgun api

Hi @mattrichardson

I do not know what Deadline is, or how exactly it connects to ShotGrid… But did you have your users setup a Personal Access Token ?

In the People page, you can add the Autodesk Personal Access Token assigned column, to see which users have set one.

Non web access to ShotGrid with an API will most of the time require a Personal Access Token to be set to that user.


Thanks for the replies, and yes it was the personal access token that was missing. All sorted now. Thanks