Shotgrid doesn't transcode files from Deadline

I made mov video using the Draft plugin in Deadline and submitted a job to create a new version in Shotgrid (webapp). New version has been created but i can’t watch the video. But If I upload the same video directly from the computer, everything will be fine. I see a difference between event log history of two versions of the video, in the version generated from Deadline there is no even ‘uploaded movie’ event with transcoding, unlike the version directly from the computer.
BTW, in Shotgrid Create application transcoding works for both versions

Heya, I was having a similar issue previously and it was to do with some certificates and AWS. Hard to say if it’s the same thing but the pertinent forums posts are here:

Thank you a lot! It helped me

You need to point the SHOTGUN_API_CACERTS environment variable, or when creating the Shotgun handle to the text cacerts text file that comes with the api.

The reason for this is that when visiting your Shotgrid site the machine is able to update the certficates because a user visits the site, however on rendernodes nobody is physically using a browser to visit the site so ocassionally the certificates arent up to date and the connection doesnt work.

So its only really valid for unattended machines, i.e. a rendernode.

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