The rvlink:// from the markdown body field of shotgun review notes doesn't work

I am trying to update note dynamically containing link to movs of other versions.

the link doesn’t open mov instead opens a blank new page , the mov I checked exist on disk !

any idea what am i doing wrong ?


Hi @supercool,

Are you on macOS or a Linux variant? Could it be you’re missing a / in your path?

I tried the following and it worked fine:

[some local link](rvlink:///Users/pboucher/Dev/shotgun/media/

The first two // are part of the protocol syntax while the third / is the start of the absolute file path.

Full disclosure: the Chrome behaviour I saw was indeed to pop open a new tab which then triggered RV and then disappeared leaving RV open and the browser back on the previous tab with the note. Initially a bit jarring but, functional.

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