Team members (students) look like they are in every project

When an Admin (faculty) creates a project and assigns the crew to the project, the crew is correct for the admin view. But when a Crew member (student) goes into the project they now see every crew member added to the project? it shows that every person in Shotgrid is assigned to that project. Again, if the Admin goes into the project they see ONLY THE CREW THEY ASSIGNED.
This wasn’t happening just last year, but for some reason this year, everyone is being added.
Has anyone else had this problem?


Yes, we had something like this recently. Unfortunately, we haven’t resolved this so hopefully someone will comment soon…

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Are you sure its not just a filter that is not turned off for the permission group of the students?

I did check, but I can’t seem to find anything like that. Unless they did an update and turned it on by default. It’s now on all projects when last year projects did not have this issue.

Are you able to add some screenshots to walk us through the issue because I’m not sure I quite get what you are seeing.

Sure, sorry for the late reply.
So, I have attached two screen shots. One shows the crew list from my perspective (As an admin), In this screen shot you can see there are 9 crew members in the project.
The other shows the student prospective (just a crew member), here you can see that there is 54 people in the crew list. This is the same project!
This project was created in the fall last year and we had no issues. All of a sudden, we have issues. There must have been some update that happened and caused this.
This is happening to every project we create.

Have you checked by going into the “design page” menu that the project crew filter is still on in the view for your crew?

In the page designer there are options to change views per permision group, I would start by looking there.

In the end the Project Crew widget is just a widget showing people with a filter applied.
If the filter is turned off it will show all people instead.

Thank you for your help, I am rather new to Shotgrid. I had a look and I’m not sure if I changed anything. The main problem is I don’t see the problem only the students do. I will have to sit down with a student and try some of the filters and see if it changes anything.
I will post how that turns out.
Again I appreciate your help.

You can also use ShotGrid as another user: