Support for Houdini 20

Hey ho! I am just wondering when support for Houdini 20.0 will be natively supported by the tk Houdini engine. It seems like it took around 6 months for 19.5 to be officially supported so I presume it would be a similar timeline in this case as well. Is there some way to do it myself sooner? Currently the engine just doesn’t run when opening Houdini 20 and I am not sure how to configure my way around this.
Cheers and apologies for the ignorance,

Hi @StephenScollay !

Don’t know when Houdini 20.0 will be officially supported, but if you install the python 3.9 version of Houdini 20.0 , the Shotgrid menu will show up. It works for us.


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Hi @StephenScollay,
You can either use the py3.9 version of Houdini 20, and the engine will work, as Fabian says, or you can edit the tk-houdini engine to make it work with the Houdini 20 that uses python 3.10,
see Tk-houdini engine for Houdini 20

I hope the SG team makes an official release of it soon



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Yeah I had already tried this with no luck. I was also weary of having issues further down the line caused by this sort of work around that I wouldn’t be able to track down. Cheers though. Ill let you know if I manage to get it to work.

edit: actually is there some sort of tank command or something I need to run to let Houdini know about the change in the engine…

By golly, what a surprise I am dumb. It requires copying and renaming the python3.9libs with python3.10libs in both the engine’s plugins/basic and classic_startup folders. Now it works, huzzah!

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Hello folks, we recently merged a community contribution to fix the Python 3.10 support for Houdini 20.

While this is merged, it’s going to be released soon. Thank you for your patience.