Houdini 19.5 ShotGrid Menu Missing

I installed Houdini 19.5 and the ShotGrid Menu is missing. It is there in Houdini 19.0. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

You probably need to add a Software Entity. Click on the top right button (avatar) and from the menu select “Software”.

Thanks. I had done that. It is the ShotGrid menu inside Houdini 19.5 that is missing.

./tank houdini_indie_19.5.303

Welcome to SGTK!
For documentation, see https://developer.shotgridsoftware.com
Starting Toolkit for your current path

  • The path is not associated with any SG object.
  • Falling back on default project settings.
  • Running as user ‘mgoetsch@rosebudstudios.net’
  • Using configuration ‘Primary’ and Core v0.20.13
  • Setting the Context to Project The Ferry.
  • Started Shell Engine version v0.9.2
  • Environment: /Volumes/R4i/Shotgun/configs/the_ferry/config/env/project.yml.
  • Running command houdini_indie_19.5.303…

Command: Houdini indie 19.5.303

Oh sorry I misread.
Could you try inside houdini python shell

import sgtk

to see if the engine is started. My bet is either because of Python version (19.5 ships with a newer one iirc) or Qt version conflict, the engine does not get started. Also try to start the engine with debug logging enabled.

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most likely new version of python, Autodesk is usually behind the curve with package versions. Houdini 19.5 should include options to install python 3.7 or 3.9. I would try to reinstall houdini with python 3.7 ( and wait few years for autodesk to catch up).

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Thanks. The engine was not started. I reinstalled Houdini 19.5 with Py37 version and that resolved my issue.

Thanks. I reinstalled Houdini 19.5 with Py37 version and that resolved my issue.

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Can someone from Autodesk please merge and release this pull request? It shouldn’t be necessary to use the py37 version of Houdini 19.5.


Yep, where is it? SG is leaving behind py2 and 3.7 but we still can’t use Houdini 3.9 with it? That’s sad.

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Hello, sorry for the delay.
We have just released a new version of tk-houdini which includes support for Houdini 19.5 / Python 3.9.


Thanks, Julien!

Thanks for letting us know. Great support!