Houdini 19.5 ShotGrid Menu Missing

I installed Houdini 19.5 and the ShotGrid Menu is missing. It is there in Houdini 19.0. Any suggestions on what could be wrong?

You probably need to add a Software Entity. Click on the top right button (avatar) and from the menu select “Software”.

Thanks. I had done that. It is the ShotGrid menu inside Houdini 19.5 that is missing.

./tank houdini_indie_19.5.303

Welcome to SGTK!
For documentation, see https://developer.shotgridsoftware.com
Starting Toolkit for your current path

  • The path is not associated with any SG object.
  • Falling back on default project settings.
  • Running as user ‘mgoetsch@rosebudstudios.net’
  • Using configuration ‘Primary’ and Core v0.20.13
  • Setting the Context to Project The Ferry.
  • Started Shell Engine version v0.9.2
  • Environment: /Volumes/R4i/Shotgun/configs/the_ferry/config/env/project.yml.
  • Running command houdini_indie_19.5.303…

Command: Houdini indie 19.5.303

Oh sorry I misread.
Could you try inside houdini python shell

import sgtk

to see if the engine is started. My bet is either because of Python version (19.5 ships with a newer one iirc) or Qt version conflict, the engine does not get started. Also try to start the engine with debug logging enabled.

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most likely new version of python, Autodesk is usually behind the curve with package versions. Houdini 19.5 should include options to install python 3.7 or 3.9. I would try to reinstall houdini with python 3.7 ( and wait few years for autodesk to catch up).

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Thanks. The engine was not started. I reinstalled Houdini 19.5 with Py37 version and that resolved my issue.

Thanks. I reinstalled Houdini 19.5 with Py37 version and that resolved my issue.

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Can someone from Autodesk please merge and release this pull request? It shouldn’t be necessary to use the py37 version of Houdini 19.5.