Shotgrid menu doesn't appear in Houdini 20.0.634 Py 3.9 or Py3.10

I’m very new to SG pipeline development and have very limited Python skills.
We currently have a problem of not having Shotgrid menu appearing in Houdini. I’ve seen couple threads discussing this issue and the solution was at that time to duplicate and rename python3.9libs to python3.10libs. We’re using tk-houdini v1.8.7 which seems to ship with python3.10libs.

I’ve tried both Houdini 20 Py 3.10 and Houdini 20 Py 3.9 and the problem of missing Shotgrid menu persists.

I’ve tried with and without debugging to see what I get in the Shotgrid Desktop console but I’m not seeing any errors so I’m not sure where to start troubleshooting this.
I also tried Houdini 19.5.493 and no Shotgrid menu.
The only instance I’ve managed to get Shotgrid menu visible is to start Houdini 19.0 using tk-houdini 1.8.1.

tk-core v0.20.35
tk-houdini v1.8.7
Desktop App v1.8.0
Python 3.9.13
Engine v2.6.9
Toolkit Basic Configuration v1.6.1

Any suggestions are highly appreciated!

After deleting the local bundled_cache and removed HOUDINI_PATH entries from houdini.env file it now works on Houdini 20.0634 Py 3.9.
I’ll try to see if I can get it to run also on Py 3.10.

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If you make any changes to the HOUDINI_PATH in yoru env file you have to ensure you only append to the path as the tk-houdini engine uses the HOUDINI_PATH variable to make sure the engien launches.