Tk-houdini engine for Houdini 20


We started testing the beta release of Houdini 20.0.485

I almost accidentally found a way to make the tk-houdini engine work in Houdini 20. If anyone else is looking to test this :

With tk-houdini v1.8.6, look into the folder structure of the engine. You’ll find two directories called “python3.9libs” in two separate locations. Duplicate each of those with their content, and rename them “python3.10libs”

In our pipe, with these changes, the SG menu comes up in Houdini. Without these changes, there’s no SG menu at all. I didn’t test this thoroughly but I hope it helps someone.

To the SG team : can you look into this when Houdini 20 is officially released ? Thanks in advance


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I created an account to say: thank you!

@johnH you’re welcome!

We recently merged a community contribution to fix the Python 3.10 support for Houdini 20.

This is going to be released soon. Thank you for your patience.