Subtitles for versions? or Subtitle tool for revisions?

Newbie question: I work for a Spanish speaking studio but we have an English speaking Director. He want’s to watch the versions of our animation tasks with subtitles. Is there a way to subtitle the Version video within Shotgun?


Hi @Luis_Bolan,

Thanks for your question - Shotgun Software doesn’t presently support captioning or subtitling. If you wanted that capability, you would need to add permanent subtitles to your media before you upload them to your site. I was browsing the internet and it looks like there are several software packages that can do this for you, but none that we are affiliated with.

This is an interesting feature request though! Head on over to this post to learn how to get your idea in front of our Product team and perhaps one day, you can see it come to life! The best product ideas are the ones that are accompanied by reasons why/how it would be useful to your production or project.