Beyond current language support

Hello Shotgun Community,

I got really excited when I saw there was language support in Shotgun and immediately wanted to try it out but it seems to currently only allow for the following languages in addition to English: Japanese, Simplified Chinese, and Korean.
Is there somewhere on the roadmap support for Spanish and French?
Or did anyone come up with a cool Google Translate plugin or something like that, that would allow artists in a foreign country to see their notes in their native language by any chance?

Open to suggestions, even if they require some in-house development, thank you!



Hello Mylene, :slight_smile:

Thank you for reaching out.
We are investigating which languages to add in the future but unfortunately, there isn’t anything planned in the short term for another language.
But you can add it as a future request. The roadmap can be found here. You will be also able to see the feature requests we are considering, those we are building, and those that have been recently released.



It should be noted that some people have had a certain degree of success with the Google Translate browser plugin if you want to try that in the meantime.


Cool, thanks for the suggestion @bouchep , I’ll give it a go.