Definitive list of media formats allowed and viewable in version playlist?

Mostly I want to see if animated GIFs are supported (which they don’t seem to be, sadly - they just display as a still image, first frame), but I can’t find anything definitive of what file formats can be viewed as intended in the playlist interface. I think almost anything can be uploaded, but is there a list of what will not get the message “No web playable media available”



Sorry if I miss the intent of your question, but, if you are interested in what will get transcoded, you can find that here:
Or are you uploading some other way?



You didn’t hear this from me, but you can set your billboard using a gif . . . I can’t guarantee it wont get annoying thou.


However for general media, Matt is correct above, we don’t support animated GIF’s in the transcoder.


@matt.welker Thanks, that’s basically what I was looking for - just didn’t consider “transcoding” as a search term…

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@DavidMason - Yeah probably very annoying, but could be used very subtly to gaslight folks…

Unfortunate that gifs aren’t supported as media since there are many tools that let an artist easily grab a quick screen gif to illustrate a task artifact for a version - I’ll move my students to vid capture instead, but It would be nice to support gif playback in the media player


Hey @reml - since you are going this route, I thought I’d make sure you knew that Shotgun Create supports screen / video capture, and allows you to easily submit the output as a new Version. More details available in the artist section of the SG Create user guide.


Hi Guys! I’m pretty sure there was a guy at my last job that always replied notes with animated gifs, but he never told anyone how he did it.
How is this achieved? Thanks!

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Hey @macbeth! In-app GIF playback is not officially supported…so you’re going to need to find that person to figure out their wizard ways. :mage:

You can submit a GIF as an attachment (which loads in your browser in a new tab or window depending on your settings) or a Version (which oddly renders as a still image :flushed:).

But, kinda of an unintentional easter egg, the project billboard will playback a gif:

Use this knowledge wisely.

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Found the Wizard !! :mage:


:surfing_woman: that is awesome!

What’s the secret brew? I tried the tricks I knew and need to up my skill level clearly.

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Shotgun Markdown which is actually the same that in Github and this community blog (Discourse), just drag a Gif here, to see the markdown.

My example was a joke with GIF memes, but this could be very useful combined with screentogif or giphy capture for animators who wish to reply a note, with minimal examples that don’t deserve a full version or publish.

For me as a TD is very helpful to show where the buttons or options are! as this also works in tickets.


Excellent! I hear you on the very handy use case for actual work—makes a lot of sense!