Still Working with Shotgrid Banner

Has anyone else started getting these? I was working on a page when it popped up:

Which is strange since it’s reporting “We haven’t detected any recent navigation activity…” when I’m actively manipulating data on the page. Do I have to navigate away from pages to show activity? I’m letting the timer run out to see what happens.


Just saw the release notes:

Can anyone explain the underlying logic driving the banner’s behavior? It feels like it’s not working as intended if it’s popping on pages while people are actively working with them.

What we have here is our first iteration of the idleness notification. It would appear when the session is about to expire, which can happen due to two things:

  1. When your license is about to expire and needs to be renewed (Which is every 24 hours after login, renew check starting on the 23rd hour)
  2. When your app session is about to expire (Which is set by your site admin, lasting 1 hour, 24 hours or 7 days)

This is our solution to the “Oops!” message users have been encountering lately, 24 hours after login; We’re making it more transparent about what is happening and offer a solution to extend it in-place to not reload or navigate away from the page.

At the moment, SG cannot discern between a user-triggered request and a background-triggered request, so an activity is currently only recognized by a page navigation, or when clicking on that button on the right of the banner as it appears.

Over time, we’ll identity the calls that are user-triggered, to minimize its appearance.


Thanks for the explanation, Souphan. With this being the first iteration, what is the final version of the system you’re working towards?

To make it ideal, the remaining work is to tag user actions so we can use that to identify user-triggered ajax requests. We could then use that information to refresh the license in the last hour, just a little time prior to showing that banner (which shows up 15 minutes before expected expiration time).

License fetch/renewal is a metric used for user activity, and therefore is used to calculate cost for some plans. That is one of the reasons why it is not wanted to renew it early like we can for app session.

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Thanks for the background on this.

Indeed ideally activity from manipulating data is seen as activity but appreciate that you are working towards that.

It would be good to keep an active view on user feedback for this since I am not sure what effect this could have on production users if they are working on a page with bids or shot data, etc which they may not navigate away from for a while.

Artists tend to navigate a lot (Sg’s front end really needs an update to the 21st century but that’s a different topic) so I would not expect issues for them perse.

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