Is there a way to delay the screenout/ confirm usage time everytime my artists are working on SG?

My artists are kept asking if they are using SG even when they are currently on SG. Is there a way to reduce this popout and delay the time for this to be asked?

Go to Site SettingsSecurityUser Session Expiry = 1 week


Thanks but I am not looking for this. I am looking for a way to delay the notification we receive while working on it continuously to confirm we are working on it.

I believe the devs are still working on getting that in a better state @patrick-hubert-adsk ?

Hi @Sriranjani

Just to be certain of the exact context, could you provide a screenshot of what is seen by your users ?

Also, are you on a local install or a hosted ShotGrid site ? For local site using SSO, the IdP configuration may request periodic re-authentication of the user even if they are continually using the software.


Hi @patrick-hubert-adsk This is about the confirm message we receive whenever we leave SG unused for an hour or so. Confirm that you are using SG popup.

Hi @Sriranjani

What is the value of your site’s User Session Expiry, in the site preferences ?

There are 2 things at play here:
1- the User Session Expiry: as the user actively interacts with ShotGrid, the end of an active session gets pushed back. But if your session expiry is 1 hour, and the users does not interact with ShotGrid (the page may be visible in a browser, but no interaction is happening), then prior to the session expiration, there will be a pop-up informing the user of the upcoming session termination
2- the user’s license are granted at login time and are good for 24 hours. 15 mins before the end of the license, we tell the user that they need to explicitly renew it. ShotGrid does not automatically renew a license since it may cause charges to be made (depending on your licensing model). In that situation, you absolutely need to interact with ShotGrid in that 15 mins window prior to the license expiry

If your artists are experiencing something different then let us know. But on your side you can already validate your user session expiry (if it is at one hour, you may want to extend it to 1 day). And you can look at a the event log entries for a specific user and see the licenses request/renewals (the event type is AutodeskLicensing)


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I have kept the user expiry session as a week but still I get this confirm message everyday once. Thanks for the reply @patrick-hubert-adsk but even the autodesk team knows this and are asking their engineer’s team to look into this issue.

We’re experiencing this as well. I have been actively using SG all morning and it just popped up. Couldn’t have been more than 20 minutes since I was actively clicking around.

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