Some ins-and-outs about Shotgun Account Center

Even though that you can access Shotgun Account Center from your SG site going to Admin Menu > Manage Account it is a separate site from Shotgun. This is the place where you can track the billing and administrative part of your SG account, check your invoices, change the form of payment and the company information, add another account Admin for your site and etc.

For direct access to the Account Center, you need to visit

Your Account Center login is a different login then your Shotgun site admin login and you should get an email from SG with your login credentials approximately a week before your evaluation ends. But you may need to speak with your Account admin to get yourself added to access the Account Center.

In a case, If you need to reset your password go to the Account center., from there, enter your site name, then click to the next Log In. Then you can enter the email address mentioned below and use the Forgot Password link to reset it.

  • If you would like to dig a bit deeper then make sure to check also this doc about it. :slight_smile: